Why Goofy can talk and Pluto can't? An animated video essay
“The Clothes are Magic.” is a video essay where I travel through the animation history of talking cartoon animals to propose an answer to the question of why Goofy talks and Pluto doesn’t. 
The answer is that the clothes are magic!
This is why Mickey Mouse has a pet dog named Pluto and a best friend named Goofy who is also a dog.
Goofy wears clothes and Pluto doesn't. From just a shirt to shoes and even those iconic white gloves. YES, this is totally the answer to why cartoon characters wear gloves. The Gloves are Magic.
Cartoon animals wear clothes because it grants them sentience. It gives these furry little cartoon creatures self awareness, a consciousness that lets them walk, talk, and build a furry cartoon society.
With the Walt Disney company celebrating their 100 years of wonder and Warner Bros 100th anniversary happening too, I thought it was finally time to talk about this weird Idea that explores over a century of talking cartoon animals.
Hopefully this isn't a cartoon theory that will ruin your childhood.
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